Building Principles

Weather Resistive Barrier (WRB)

Most people assume siding protects their home from weather. In many homes it is the only line of defense. Our homes have a dedicated system to protect your home behind the siding. We often joke that the siding is there for aesthetics and to protect the WRB. Our comprehensive WRB always includes a rainscreen, which is a gap between the siding and the wall. This allows for drying if any moisture gets behind the siding, which increases the durability of the assembly, prolonging the life of the wall, the siding and the paint on the siding.

Airtight Construction

Building airtight homes allows us to control how and when air enters your home. Controlling air allows us to control the things that air brings with it- water, energy and pollution- which, in turn, makes our homes more durable, comfortable and healthy.

Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

Installing an ERV goes hand in hand with airtight construction. An ERV is the lungs of your home. It takes outside air and passes it through a filter and an energy exchanger. That way, you get fresh, clean air without losing the energy that you put into conditioning that air when it is either cold or hot outside.

Continuous Insulation

Our homes have a continuous layer of insulation on all 6 sides (4 walls, roof and under the basement slab). The result is a comfortable home with consistent temperature throughout. Appropriate levels of insulation also prevents condensation, thereby preventing rot and mold, making your home more durable and healthy.

Thermal Bridge Free

Thermal bridges are pathways for energy into your home. The benefits of having great insulation are diminished by not addressing thermal bridges. Our team is always aware of finding and eliminating thermal bridging to ensure the comfort, durability and health of your home.

High Performance Windows

Your windows are the weakest portion of your wall assembly. Standard windows create cold spots in the winter, which is traditionally solved by putting an air supply register nearby and throwing a lot of energy at it. High performance, well installed windows eliminate cold spots and improve the performance of your heating and cooling system. Locating windows properly on your home can increase the benefit of solar heat gain in the winter and minimize it in the summer.