Our Story



While Colin was growing up, he and his Dad built decks. One on each new house as they moved around. By age 9, the fundamental seeds of doing things right the first time were sewn. After graduating from the University of Missouri and wandering a few different career paths, he met his future wife as her tenant in her South City Saint Louis rental business. One of her 100 year-old houses had never been renovated and he was certain he could upgrade it. Tools came alive in his hands again as he found himself tearing into the building and learning all the systems of a house. Colin’s new career was evident, and to further his knowledge he began volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

After earning a position on the staff and building houses with Habitat for years, he left to learn high end remodeling with Portico Construction. At Portico, he quickly became a manager. With over a decade of remodeling and building experience, he made the decision point to strike out on his own and was only missing the right partner. Topping the short list was his mentor from Habitat, Sean DePass, who excitedly agreed to join the venture.



Sean’s love for construction was sparked by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in high school. He went on 3 spring break builds with Habitat in college and continued to volunteer with them regularly thereafter. Many years and construction projects later, Sean found his way to the North Bennet Street School. There he refined his skills in fine furniture and cabinet making. This education was not just about the technical skills, but helped him to fully appreciate what it means to be precise and do high quality work. He has found these traits to be applicable to all areas of his life. Upon returning to St. Louis, Sean took a full time job working for Habitat for Humanity St. Louis where he worked for 7 years.

Great Leaders, Great Results

After meeting at Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis in 2014 a bond was formed over building techniques that preferred quality over quantity, sustainability over speed, and longevity over haste. After learning business patiently through small projects, they decided to return to their roots of whole homes and hope to have a positive impact on the planet through the projects they approach.


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Lead Carpenter


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